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Mask & Totem
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Michel Giniès

Michel Giniès has been a french photographer and printer since 1952, making his first image at the age of 15. Subsequent to learning black and white printing he joined Reporters-Associés in 1970 and began collaborating with several magazines. After this, Giniès then went on to join “Team International” Photo Agency and then SIPA agency in 1972. Giniès skills as a photoreporter have taken him all over the world to places such as: Cuba, Honduras, Thaïlande, Laos, Mexico, Sénégal, Morocco, Egypt and USA, as well as many others. Alongside his work as a photoreporter, Giniès has also built a wide portfolio of celebrity portraits in France and abroad. He now focuses on cultural subjects, and portraits of artists: painters, novelists, actors etc.


Giniès uses his extensive knowledge of black and white photography to create a sense of nostalgia in his viewers that they never knew they had. In his work Giniès engages with his surroundings in the light of their authenticity and picturesque candidness. He has been a long time lover of both New York and Paris using both cities as a playground for inspiration and creation. Giniès has also worked for Sipa Press and his book "Promenades with stars in freedom in the streets of Paris", edited in 2002, is now integrated into the BnF collection.

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