New York, NY, USA

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          Galerie l’Atelier presents a selection of contemporary artists, both established and emerging. Through our international travels for exhibitions, festivals and art fairs we have aligned with fellow artists globally and engaged peers with whom we feel a strong connection to, via their works, subjects and in their approach.


          Created by artists for artists, Galerie l’Atelier provides an active working platform for artists and a genuine opportunity to showcase their work in prestigious locations, affording them access to a select clientele from art fairs, private and public events, corporate clients, interior designers, art consultants as well as private collectors. Through Galerie l'Atelier, art connoisseurs, collectors and corporate clients alike can find a broad selection of exciting artists and discover new talents and we are honored and  fortunate to meet them personally and hand select each to highlight them in multiple venues.


          As artists ourselves, we look for work and artists for which the physical relationship to the medium they use is central to the approach. We have a passion for the materiality of the medium and the tangible aspect of the final art pieces:
in addition to hand printed silver gelatin prints in the darkroom, we present a selection of alternative printing artists with chemigrams and palladium platinum artworks, as well as photograms where the relationship with the light and the paper is essential. Curiosity is key as we continuously explore the relationship with the Artist and what each bring to their medium. We believe the resulting pieces are marked by each process and its imperfections, thus helping us to connect further to the artist's and their universe. A common thread which links our artists is the relationship with primary elements. We look for deeper connections with light, earth, minerals, air, water or heat. 


          Founded by photographer and fine art printer Nicolas Auvray, Galerie L’Atelier is based in New York.