Benjamin Dray is a painter based in Sydney, Australia. His modern abstract artwork is rooted in ancient elements and philosophies. Indeed through his paintings, he reasserts that abstraction has been a part of humanity, all cultures in
all ages. It’s an indispensable tool, as we create symbols, vessels to fill with allusions and messages. The resulting artwork have a strong sense of purpose.

This series of oil paintings are like a mosaic, with hundreds of hand colored trapezoid shapes, hand drawn with a sharp blade (not pencil) onto silver or gold leaf laid over an artist quality stretched canvas. Each Shape is an element that
creates a unified whole. 
The light of the sun in a room reflects off and changes the painting. It becomes an active part of the environment rather than simply being a passive object in it. A work takes several days to construct; larger pieces can stretch to a few weeks.
Themes and Narrative


Benjamin Dray enjoys reading philosophy and History. It inspires and informs this series of paintings which to him are a poetic interpretation of the Atomist cosmology first proposed by Democritus and further developed by Epicurus
around the 3rd century BC in Ancient Greece, two and a half thousand years ago. The concept that the universe is self-constructed from indivisible unseen singular elements which they named Atoms was an extraordinary achievement in natural philosophy. They laid out the foundations for modernity by constructing a cosmology free of theology. As he paints these works color by color, block by block to create a unified whole, I experience or get a sense of how nature works, how the illusion of form is created.

New York, NY, USA

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