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Mask & Totem
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Àngels Grau is a Catalan artist who spends her time between Barcelona, New York, and a small village located in the breathtaking Priorat, one of the most notorious wine regions in Europe.

This combination allows her to have the best of three worlds; it brings together the creativity and passion that her paintings demand.

 "I invest time in my work. You must look at paintings on different days, with different eyes. There is a need to go back to it again and again.”

Born to a family of artists, she grew up surrounded by drawings, tapestries, and paintings that awakened a special sentiment that over time matured into her work. A graphic designer first and painter by evolution, in 2018 she decided to make the leap into becoming a full-time artist. Nothing has deterred her since.

After traveling the world and bringing up four children who are almost living their own lives, the artist feels the need to empower the role of women inspired by her own journey. “Invisible Women” is a tribute to each and every woman that fights from anonymous positions, in everyday jobs and everyday lives, to improve their family, their society, their world. 

Some of her pieces are part of the personal art collections of different CEO’s of fortune 100 companies. “Invisible Women” is part of a recent purchase by the Pepsico Foundation. Roseann Proseer, PepsiCo Collections Fine Art Curator has said: “We are honored at PepsiCo to have one of Angels Grau’s paintings, “Invisible Women”, hanging in our headquarters; the work evokes feelings for all strong women that make life, family and love happen.”

On the occasion of women's day, Pepsico has given an Invisible Woman to the Pepsico Vietnam headquarters and another to the Pepsico Illinois factory.

In its short history, Angels Grau has been exhibited in Barcelona, Greenwich, the Consulate General of Brazil in New York, and Kate Oh’s Gallery in Manhattan..
As the Brazilian General Consulate in NY, Ambassador  Maria Nazareth Farani Azevêdo said " Angel's art has had a lot of sucess with architects, decorators and diplomats like me as I have a wonderful painting from her at my own home"

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